Credit Wiping.Com offers our affiliates a generous compensation plan that enables you to earn a sizable income while providing clients with unparalleled credit repair services.  Our proprietary tracking and management software insures that what you bring to the company will be accounted for with the utmost accuracy and that you will be paid on time.

You will also be able to provide a FULL 100% success guarantee as well.

For the exact details of our compensation plan call Credit Wiping.Com today at 1-888-776-1627 or alternatively; click and fill out the Contact Us submission form. One of our credit deletion experts will call you right away!

Credit Wiping.Com offers affiliates the opportunity to provide the most effective, successful, ethical and legal credit deletion results possible. There are two important reasons why our product virtually sells itself. First and foremost, our credit deletion program provides results. The results our credit repair program provides are permanent. That’s right…your clients will have derogatory trade lines permanently deleted from theor credit report.

The second reason our product virtually sells itself is due to our FULL 100% guarantee of success. Do you know of any other company with a more powerful Unique Selling Proposition as a FULL 100% guarantee of success?  We believe that we are one of the only credit repair programs that back up their claims with such a powerful guarantee.

So just imagine for a moment that you are already an affiliate. One of your new prospects has asked you the all important questions: Do you guarantee results in writing? You’ll be confident to reply, “Yes Ma’am. We are so confident in the program that we guarantee in writing that if your not satisfied with your monthly results "YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT MONTH.” PERIOD! 

In addition to the facts that we provide permanent results and a FULL 100% guarantee there’s just one more benefit: You, the affiliate, can earn a tremendous income from becoming an affiliate of Credit Wiping.Com by following the simple steps in our affiliate program.


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