The Significance of a Tri-merge Credit Report and Credit Wiping:

1. Order your credit reports; Or subscribe into a credit monitoring program:
Find out what the top three credit bureaus -- Equifax, TransUnion and Experian -- are saying about you. It's likely that they're all slightly different. Yes, different! Creditors don't have to report to all three credit bureaus, so they typically report to the credit bureau to which they also subscribe. Time and money is wasted, if you only order a report from one credit bureau. You can order a credit report from each bureau for free once a year through; but for Credit Wiping we DO NOT RECOMMEND, a Annual Credit Report, but a FULL 3 BUREAU CREDIT MONITORING CREDIT REPORT PROGRAM.

2. Examine your reports carefully!

Nearly every consumer has an error on at least one credit report from one of the major credit bureaus. Credit bureaus generate your report on information they receive from your creditors; they don't verify NOTHING; their subscribers send them about YOU, so of course their will be errors!  Keeping your credit report a true reflection of you is -- like it or not -- your job.   Carefully look for everything from typing errors, outdated and incomplete information to inaccurate account histories.   You'll want to make a thorough list of items you want to dispute and why; and forward this information to us for processing. Be meticulous.

3. If the negative information in your report IS TRUE?,

Only time and improved habits can change that. Late payments, such as credit cards, and charged-off accounts remain on your report for seven years; bankruptcies for 10. Most creditors, however, look for a pattern of payment rather than focusing on one-time or rare occurrences; so consistent on-time bill payments will improve those blemishes. Remember, a bad report costs you money. So, it pays to be thorough! 

4. If the negative information in your report IS NOT TRUE?

Forward a list of these accounts to us for processing; were the experts!!  The credit bureau must investigate any relevant dispute within 30 days of receiving your letter. Any item that is not verified as accurate by a creditor is removed. Sometimes it's necessary to contact your creditors to resolve mistakes. Credit Wiping will help you tackle your tough and serious errors. If the credit bureau makes any changes to your credit file, it will send you the results and a free, updated copy of your credit report. Once a negative item is removed from your report, the credit bureau cannot put it back on unless a creditor verifies its accuracy and completeness -- and sends you written notice.

5) Tips for maintaining a positive credit report,

• Deal with any collection accounts. Unpaid collections are worse than paid collections.
• Negotiate pay-off's and settlement that reduces your bills.
• Slowly close out unneeded or unused credit accounts.
• A good rule of thumb is to keep your revolving debt to 50 percent of your available credit or less.
• Close out your newest accounts so that you don't lose your longer credit history.
• Close out accounts slowly over several months.
• Verify that all accounts you've closed are reported as "closed by consumer" for the best report.
• Even if creditors offer to raise credit limits, allow yourself only moderate credit limits.
• Keep your balances low and avoid revolving balances.

6. Add Stability to Your Credit File!

You can also add positive information and show stability in your credit file. (Seasoned Tradelines) You may have been denied credit because of an insufficient credit file. Adding seasoned tradelines can instantly and rapidly increase your credit scores and within days boost your scores 60-100 as high as 200 points with days or weeks!  For seasoned tradelines; Contact Jason Williams, 313-460-1660, for best advice and order processing.


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