Taking Action on Your Credit Report: Is Not Only Possible, We Make it Easy!

Ever since the Fair Credit Reporting Act made credit repair possible, creditors have been working to make it complicated and difficult. Our years of experience fighting for consumers have helped us develop a vast arsenal of tools and strategies to make things easier for you — the way it should be.

Our Simple Stages

Stage 1: Forward Your Credit Report Monitoring Log-In Information.

After signing up, you will begin by forwarding to us your credit report log-in information from the three major credit bureaus. If you do not have your reports, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK . With each cycle, you should receive updated reports from the bureaus. It is important to forward each updated report or mailing; so we can track which questionable items were deleted.

Stage 2: Choose Which Items You Wanted Disputed and Removed.

Once your credit reports are received, our staff enters the information into our database.  You notify us which items are inaccurate, fraudulent or inaccurately reported so we can begin working on your behalf. Sound complicated? Not to worry, our professional representatives makes this step a simple matter of pointing, clicking, copying and pasting the information to Credit Wiping.Com.

Stage 3:  Credit Wiping Begins Working On Your Case.

We begin the dispute process by drawing upon our vast arsenal of credit report repair strategies to challenge questionable items directly with the credit bureaus. Depending on the number of questionable items on your credit reports, this step will be repeated for each subsequent cycle. ( Normal Competition is 60-90 Days / Results will be seen within 30 days of entering the program .)

Stage 4: Sit Back and Relax.

The credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate your dispute. After that, they must inform you of their results and send you a copy of your updated report. It usually takes 30 days from the day we send a dispute to the day you receive an updated report. When you receive a response from a bureau, make a copy of the updated report for your records then send the original to Credit Wiping.Com. The cycle begins anew, this time hopefully with fewer questionable items on your credit reports.


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